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Certification and Training

Firearm Safety and Refresher Course

To teach the safe and proper handling and storage of firearms. for the new gun owners thinking about getting a conceal carry license or just for home defense knowing the Universal Firearms Safety...

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General Handgun Safety

This is a 4-hour course designed to educate the student on the safe handling and use of a handgun. Topics covered will be: Florida Gun Laws, basic firearms safety, firearm manipulation, general maintenance,...

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Realtor Safety & Self-Defense

It’s clear: Real estate agents face a significant risk of being attacked while on the job and are searching for ways to stay safe. PBPS recognize this urgent need and is now offering...

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Countering Mass Shootings

A certification course with tactical training on countering the mass shooters for schools, businesses, and houses of worship.   Curriculum Description In this class, you’ll review an analysis of data gathered from 48...

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